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Welcome to Westerdale Clydesdales. Standing at stud are Westerdale Ideal Legacy and Calico Great Galaxy. We have 5-10 mares in foal each year, some of which are for sale. If you are looking for our poultry, please check the Poultry tab or find us on Facebook! ( Westerdale Poultry and Farm Products)



With over 40 years of dedication to breeding excellence, we've got the quality and selection you are looking for. We are located at Olds, Alberta, Canada and look forward to showing you our outstanding Clydesdales.

Visitors are always welcome!

Westerdale Clydesdales

Blending Quality with Style


Jean (Rosenke) and Kris Kinnear
RR2 SITE 17BOX 4 Olds, AB T4H 1P3 Phone:403-335-4136 /Cell: 403-507-3109


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